On Hold Messaging

Why is on-hold important?

On-hold messages allow a company to market to the caller while keeping her/him on the line. A company can use on-hold messaging to tell customers about a new service or feature; when the caller reaches a live person, she has an immediate opportunity to ask about a feature mentioned in the message.

You may choose to play announcements with company news (upcoming events, trade fairs, special offers, etc.) for callers on hold. It is therefore essential to vary these announcements over time and adapt them to different situations.

You can choose from a simple generic on-hold message plan up to a custom on-hold message plan where you can promote your web site, enhance your company image and educate your clients while they wait on-hold!

Note: Think of the return on investment: if you place just 15 callers on hold a day, in 1 year you can send a message about your business to nearly 4000 prospects and customers.

On hold Music & Marketing

Things to consider:

A regular caller will quickly get tired of always hearing the same message when put on hold, so take advantage of any opportunity to let your announcements serve as an image enhancement tool for your business.

Also, be sure to avoid having your announcement loop too quickly. For example, let’s take a message that lasts 10 seconds and is repeated every 90 seconds. Since average hold time must not exceed 3 minutes, the caller will hear it 2 times.


Monthly Packages


Want a simple generic message and background music when you place callers on hold? Reduce caller hang-ups with the Basic Great Lakes All About Media Telephone On Hold Production Package, a pre-recorded on-hold solution you can use all year for any business.

Great Lakes All About Media Basic Package: 

  • one session annually
  • 0ne 30 second message recorded annual

Update your voice talent and music production twice a year. This plan is great for businesses who have minimal marketing needs but may want to change the message to say happy holidays or advertise the occasional discount or product special.

Great Lakes All About Media Semi-Annual Package:

  • Two Recording Sessions annually
  • Six messages are recorded annually (Three 30 second messages recorded per session)



Change your on-hold production three times a year. We will personally contact you when it is time to update. Don’t have time to write a script for your new message? Allow us to do it. Just tell us what you’d like to promote, and we’ll get a draft to you in no time for approval.

Great Lakes All About Media Tri-Annual Package:

  • Three Recording Sessions annually
  • Nine Messages are recorded annually (Three 30 second messages recorded per session)

The Quarterly Great Lakes All About Media On Hold Package is our most popular selection. It allows you to update or completely change your custom on-hold production four times a year, whenever you want.  We will personally contact you every quarter to make updates to your on-hold message. Let us know what you want to change and our commercial copywriters will do the rest!

Great Lakes All About Media Quarterly Package:

  • Four Recording Sessions annually
  • Sixteen Messages are recorded annually (Four 30 second messages recorded per session)


Are these plans not quite what you are looking for? Do you have multiple locations needing different recordings? Perhaps you need to market a new on-hold message more than four times a year? A custom on-hold production is a sales tool that optimizes time with your customers that would have been lost. Promote your website, enhance your company’s image and brand, and educate your clients while they wait. Great Lakes All About Media Custom Package: 

  • Up to Twelve Recording Sessions annually
  • Forty-Eight Messages are recorded annually (Based off of 12 sessions)
  • Four 30-second messages are recorded per session


Call Tom Klein at 419-332-8218 or e-mail him at tomklein@basbroadcasting.com for “Hometown” pricing and specific details.

On Hold Production Samples